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These paths connect the cis isomer and the trans isomer of PSB3 with two structurally and energetically distinct conical intersections (CIs) that belong to the same intersection space. MRCISD+Q energy profiles along these paths provide benchmark values against which other ab initio methods are validated. Accordingly, we compare the energy profiles of MRPT2 methods (CASPT2, QD NEVPT2, and XMCQDPT2) and EOM SF CC methods (EOM SF CCSD and EOM SF CCSD(dT)) to the MRCISD+Q reference profiles.

Test hundreds are precious beasts, but Dippenaar claimed not to have suffered unduly in the nervous nineties. “I just took it ball by ball,” he explained. “Our game plan at the start of play was to get to 350, and I knew that I needed to score at least 45 or 50 of those runs.

Besides the A’s, Finley also owned the NHL’s California Golden Seals. Finley had been obsessed with the color scheme years before that. Explaining why the green and gold was inevitable for his ABA team: “My baseball team wears kelly green and gold, my hockey team wears kelly green and gold, and I wouldn’t want my basketball team to feel bad, so they’ll be in kelly green and gold too.” In the 1960s, even before Finley moved the Athletics from Kansas City to Oakland, he considered moving them to Louisville and began touting the colors as Fort Knox Gold and Kelly Green.

Mark Baker. Baker promises an activist agenda on hot button topics like immigration and religious freedom, while he also says he’ll eliminate contracts with outside lawyers that he has long criticized. Taggart notes his experience as legal adviser to Gov.

The systematic discrediting of cold fusionCold fusion is still laughed at by people in the mainstream who are too ignorant to realize that cold fusion experiments are being replicated and conducted in laboratories all around the world this very minute, most notably in Japan. Low energy nuclear reactions are quite real. These reactions, which use a palladium catalyst and heavy water, are being used to generate excess heat in laboratories as you read this.

For Plessner as for Simmel this is a potential that can be realised to different degree as Simmel puts it, like callings and social institutions, are distinguished by the degree of thatIn addition, which they possess or admit along with their social content (Simmel 1910: 382). And different forms of societisation afford the realisation of such different degrees of in addition. For Simmel, metropolitan life, and in particular the commercialisation of life, the monetary mediation of social relations, is most conducive to thisindividuality enhancing alterity (Simmel 1950, Simmel 1990).

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