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If the province had advertised the position, put together a short list of candidates, and put them all through a rigorous interview process, Ms. Langille may still have won the job.But since the Liberals chose patronage over transparency, we’ll never know.Ms. Langille’s appointment comes just weeks after voters overwhelmingly voted to kick Darrell Dexter and the NDP out of office for failing to live up to expectations.There was a series of events that led to the NDP’s colossal collapse, but you could argue voters disillusionment with the Dexter government began with his handling of the MLA expense scandal.Dexter, who we learned, purchased an expensive DSLR camera, top of the line Apple computers, and a $350 leather briefcase, all on the taxpayers’ account, resisted all calls for a wider probe into MLA spending.Then he steadfastly defended billing taxpayers thousands of dollars for his Barrister Society membership fees, until an avalanche of public opinion forced him to change his mind.It was the moment that many Nova Scotians began to think that Dexter and his party, who were elected with so much promise and expectation, were really no different than the rest..

I can attest to the great effort all the runners performed and it was very special to us to be involved that way. I thank MSGT Beason and his runners for their determination to accomplish what they set out to do. They honored all the “Fallen Hero’s” along New Jersey roadways and raised funds for the Gold Star Mother Memorial.

In the US, both “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “My Baby” reached 1 on Billboards Mainstream Rock chart. Two new non album songs, “If There Was a Man” and “Where Has Everybody Gone?” were released on the soundtrack of the Bond film The Living Daylights and were used instrumentally by John Barry in several scenes. During the tour, Hynde felt the band’s sound had strayed from its New Wave rock roots.

“As painful and confusing as addressing this topic [of representation] can be, I know the only way past is through. It a dialogue. It connecting, understanding, being patient, and staying open. Recent History The successful Indian movement for independence (1947) stimulated democratic sentiment in Nepal. The newly formed Congress party of Nepal precipitated a revolt in 1950 that forced the autocratic Ranas to share power in a new cabinet. King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram, who sympathized with the democratic movement, took temporary refuge in India and returned (1951) as a constitutional monarch.

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