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Development of a minaturised forwards looking imager using deep learning for responsive operationsGreenland, S., Ireland, M., Kobayashi, C., Mendham, P., Post, M. White, D., 28 May 2018, 4S Symposium 2018. ESAResearch output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding Conference contributionPublication detailsDatePublished 8 Aug 2018Original languageEnglishAbstractVenus is a planet that we would very much like to further explore and understand.

Hands down the most work that we put into one single game night, said Madeline Rawson, Petes game night and community events co ordinator. About a team of 15 people that are working behind the scenes to make it all happen. Other events include a silent auction, chuck a ball and a bucket brigade, and commemorative t shirts will be sold..

Our Performance Summary numbers shouldn’t be seen in isolation. There are games in which the Radeon VII does indeed compete head on with the RTX 2080, but there are many games in which lack of optimization makes it significantly slower, playing in the league of the GTX 1080 ti or even RTX 2070. “Strange Brigade” leverages DirectX 12 and asynchronous compute in the best possible way for this chip, and it ends up performing close to the RTX 2080 Ti at 4K, which is extremely impressive.

We consider both single qubit and multipartite entangled probes, and identify regions of the parameters where simultaneous estimation is advantageous, resulting in up to a twofold reduction in resources. Quantum enhanced precision is achievable at moderate N, while for sufficiently large N classical strategies take over and the precision follows the standard quantum limit. We show that full scale entanglement is not needed to reach such an enhancement, as efficient strategies using significantly fewer qubits in a scheme interpolating between the conventional sequential and parallel metrological schemes yield the same effective performance.

Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractSince shopping is not just about obtaining tangible products but also enjoyment and pleasure (Martineau 1958), a practical and theoretical concern is then to examine how specific design features of retail outlets stimulate consumers’ enjoyment and pleasure. According to Schmitt (1999), retail environments can provide consumers with compelling experiences, which can positively affect consumer shopping behavior, reflected by the time and money spent in the store. To enrich the understanding of the processes that mediate the relationship between shoppers’ experiences evoked by specific atmospheric design cues, and their in store behavior, this study proposes an in store response model which uses the construct of brand experience (Brakus, Schmitt and Zarantonello 2009).

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