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“The team’s hard work to build durable spacecraft and carefully manage the Voyager spacecraft’s limited resources paid off in another first for NASA and humanity,” said Suzanne Dodd, Voyager project manager, based at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. “We expect the fields and particles science instruments on Voyager will continue to send back data through at least 2020. We can’t wait to see what the Voyager instruments show us next about deep space.”.

Activity centre Activity centre is a term used in urban planning and design for a mixed use urban area where there is a concentration of commercial and other land uses. For example, the central business districts of cities (CBD) are also known as “Central Activities Districts” (CAD) (also known as Downtown in North America or “Central Activities Zone” in the United Kingdom) in recognition of the fact that commercial functions are not the only things that do or should occur there. The term activity centre can also be used to designate an area for mixed use development, whatever its current land use happens to be..

We hypothesized that identities that are closer to ones immediate context, for example, thinking of oneself as primarily a Colby College student above college student in general, would make participants think of themselves engaging in more green behaviors. All participants were randomly allocated to three different conditions of either Colby College student, general college student and control condition, and were then asked to think about and write down what they have in common with fellow Colby students or average college students, and the control condition were asked to write down the directions for a simple recipe. After being primed for their assigned group, participants filled out surveys that asked in the next two weeks how likely the participant believed they themselves would engage in each high cost or low cost green behavior, and how likely others from their assigned group would engage in these behaviors.Our study examined the effects of primed identity and the likelihood of ones engagement in green behaviors.

Phenomenology of course offers only one of a multiplicity of avenues to investigate sporting embodiment, and here I offer just a small glimpse of its possibilities. To date, sports studies utilising a phenomenological theoretical framework remain surprisingly under developed, as Kerry and Armour (2000) highlighted over a decade ago, and which largely remains the case (Allen Collinson 2009), including in relation to phenomenology’s fascinating off shoot, ethnomethodology (Burke et al. 2008; Hockey and Allen Collinson, 2013).

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