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If we then look at a purely geometric focussing cone, the retina is one tenth the way to focus. The relative spot diameter is thus 90% of the ‘source’ diameter, so the power density has increased by $( frac{1}{0.9})^2$ , or a factor of 1.23 : 1 . Considering the range of possible light light levels (direct sun, hazy day, interior lamp, etc) is more like 50:1, the lens is not doing much..

Two component regulatory systems allow bacteria to respond adequately to changes in their environment. In response to a given stimulus, a sensory kinase activates its cognate response regulator via reversible phosphorylation. The response regulator DevR activates a state of dormancy under hypoxia in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, allowing this pathogen to escape the host defense system.

She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that when the Kazi Abu Yusuf took the spear and thrust it into the crevice, down fell the bat, and thus the Caliph’s suspicions were dispelled and the innocence of Zubaydah was made manifest; whereat she gave loud and liberal vent to her joy and promised Abu Yusuf a magnificent reward. Now there were with her certain delicious fruits, out of their season, and she knew of others in the garden; so she asked Abu Yusuf, “O Imam of the Faith, which wouldst thou rather have of the two kinds of fruits, those that are here or those that are not here?” And he answered, “Our code forbiddeth us to pronounce judgement on the absent; whenas they are present, we will give our decision.” So she let bring the two kinds of fruits before him; and he ate of both. Quoth she, “What is the difference between them?” and quoth he, “As often as I think to praise one kind, the adversary putteth in its claim.” The Caliph laughed at his answer1 and made him a rich present; and Zubaydah also gave him what she had promised him, and he went away, rejoicing.

Nevada’s land grant university founded in 1874, the University of Nevada, Reno has an enrollment of 18,000 students and is ranked in the top tier of the nation’s best universities. Part of the Nevada System of Higher Education, the University has the system’s largest research program and is home to the state’s medical school. With outreach and education programs in all Nevada counties and with one of the nation’s largest study abroad consortiums, the University extends across the state and around the world..

Marcee Hillman Moeggenberg is the Editor and Production Director responsible for all of CPI’s publications including Cascade Business News, Cascade A Magazine, the printed Book of Lists, the Rotary Fall and Winter Sports Programs, the Premier Builders Exchange Construction Directory,theSunriver Magazine as well as maintaining the Book of Lists database, the Cascade Business News website and overseeing the production department and all CPI publications. She has over 20 years of experience in the production and design fields including a bachelor of arts in advertising/graphic design from Collins College and computer operations, art and media education from Arizona State and DeVry universities. She relocated to Central Oregon after living in many areas around the country including Cody, Wyoming; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Reno, Nevada and West Palm, Florida.

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