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TICH 2 is a pragmatic, phase III, prospective, double blind, randomised placebo controlled trial. Two thousand adult (aged 18 years) patients with an acute SICH, within 8 h of stroke onset, will be randomised to receive TXA or the placebo control. The primary outcome is ordinal shift of modified Rankin Scale score at day 90.

The Herts Advertiser was voted the Best Free Newspaper in London and the South East in 2005/06 and has comprehensive news and sports coverageand a wide ranging music and entertainments section. It also comes witha large property supplement each week as well as a motoring section. It is owned by the Archant Group..

A group asked the IAU leadership to reopen the debate at its 2009 Genera Assembly, and the leadership refused, leading the entire group to boycott the GA. Then there are many professional astronomers who are not IAU members who also do not support the IAU decision. See this petition of professional astronomers led by Stern:.

Well, I must say, it has been fantastic. However, I would not like to call it a transition because I feel its not as if I have stopped doing one thing for another. I would rather call it a progression. As the rays glide along the water’s surface making easy targets participants compete for prize money for the “heftiest kill” by shooting them from boats with archery equipment. Once shot, the rays are brought onboard the boat and beaten with bats and suffocated. These contests have been taking place for two decades, largely unnoticed until recent videos highlighted the brutality of the contests..

Local radio stations pumped the crowd up with music and some give a ways, but the unexpected treat came when a representative chose some unsuspecting veterans from the crowd and offered them an opportunity of a lifetime. Two local veterans were asked to participate in this Friday home game along with over 100 other veterans who will take to the field holding a massive United States Flag. After the opening ceremony, these veterans will then get to root, root, root for the home team!.

“I’m hearing a lot about that, frankly, all over as I travel my state and in airports that people believe that we’re losing our constitutional respect, that our government is overreaching, and they’re concerned about it,” said Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee. His comments, filled with conservative buzzwords, signaled what everyone already expects. The coming fight in the Senate will be at least as much about base politics as about the legal qualifications of the nominee.

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