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He really respects Watson, calling him “an amazing arranger [and] producer.” Though involved in the production of this series (through his theme song),Jacob Wheelerhas not watched any otherJapanese animation series.The OVA series was released as as 13 episodes from May 1991 to September 1992, each about 25 30 minutes long. When the series was compiled into a single two hour film in August 1992, Wheeler was asked to help promote the film at the premier event. During the event, he sang the song to aminus trackwhile providing some piano accompaniment before the film was presented.

Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractRelatively few previous studies of individuals receiving a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease within the UK health care system have employed qualitative approaches to examine the diagnostic journey from a patient perspective. A qualitative sociological study was undertaken, involving interviews with 42 participants diagnosed with MND, to provide insight into their experiences of undergoing testing and receiving a diagnosis. Adopting a sociological phenomenological perspective, this article examines key themes that emerged from participant accounts surrounding the lived experience of the diagnostic journey.

The effect of treatment time (15 “120 min), power input (750 W “4.5 kW) and overall power input (1700 “27,200 kWh/t) on a range of coals (semi bituminous “anthracite) was investigated. Intrinsic reactivity, random reflectance, strength index and dielectric properties of the produced cokes were compared with those of two commercial cokes to assess the degree of coking produced in the microwave system.Overall energy input and coal rank were found to be the major factors determining the degree of coking following microwave treatment. The dependency on coal rank was attributed to the larger amount of volatiles that had to be removed from the lower ranked coals, and the increasing dielectric loss of the organic component of the coal with rank due to increased structural ordering.

Von Kiel is a doctor of osteopathy whose medical practice included treating inmates at LCP from approximately March 1989 until approximately August 2013. Most of Von Kiel’s schemes involved him pretending to become a minister of a “church” called the International Academy of Lymphology (which later changed its name to the International Academy of Life and then the Christian Forum Assembly), purporting to take a “vow of poverty,” and then claiming that he had no taxable income because his earnings belonged to “church.” Von Kiel convinced his employer that he was exempt from federal tax withholdings and directed his employer to deposit his bi weekly paychecks into bank accounts for his “church.” Once the money arrived in those accounts, co conspirators would transfer nearly the same amount of money into Pennsylvania bank accounts controlled by Von Kiel. Von Kiel then used the money to pay for all of his family’s day to day living expenses and to buy some luxury items..

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