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We’re looking to reflect, improve and adjust. District has been the focus of scrutiny since a Boston Globe magazine article this summer chronicled incidents of racism and harassment between students. It also in the midst of a contentious debate over how to evaluate the superintendent..

Buying virtual blueprints for stuff instead of buying stuffAll this promises huge changes for our consumer based society. Today, the stuff we buy is manufactured in China, then shipped to our stores by burning fossil fuels. We then buy the stuff, take the stuff home, and toss it in a corner of the house somewhere, just in case we might actually need it one day.

Hillsides’ YMO program is one of Hillsides’ five core programs. It offers a continuum of support services for transition aged youth 16 25 that includes a Peer Resource drop in center, housing services, and workforce development. Workforce development is the largest area of services offered by the Peer Resource Center.

Pareles, as a pop music critic, doesn’t generally cover theater. And let’s face it, it’s kind of depressing that a journalist who’s been covering rock since the ’70s only now feels that the form is reaching a critical mass on the Broadway stage. Seems sort of an exercise in emphasizing how woefully out of touch with popular culture Broadway has become.

Ginis has used a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to develop a computer tool that creates 3 D images of potential hurricane damage. For example, a Cat 3 hurricane dropping 20 inches of rain would have catastrophic consequences for Providence, Rhode Island, if the hurricane barriers in the bay were raised to block the storm surge, he said. Downtown Providence would essentially become a lake fed by two rivers, he said..

The first, context as ideology, attends to meaning making that is collective in nature, and that incorporates concepts of power, domination, subordination and resistance. Our second refers to the enduring structural features. These are on going trends and developments, predictable and traceable over the medium to long term which offer rules and resources, thus structuring opportunity and constraint.

L., Spears, R. J., Keenan, T., Helliwell, P. A., Pugh, D. Unique femme du groupe, elle participe un comit juridique qui planche sur la prochaine Constitution libyenne. Le plus difficile, c’est qu’on doit tout faire partir de zro. La Libye n’a jamais eu de lois lectorales.

Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractA novel cell traction force transducer based on shear sensitive cholesteryl ester liquid crystals (LCTFT) has been developed. This transducer incorporated with a custom built cell traction force measurement and mapping (CTFM) software showed improved sensitivity and spatial resolution in sensing traction forces of human keratinocytes. The sensing output of the LCTFT was displayed as linear deformation lines in the liquid crystal surface that were induced by contraction of actin filaments via the focal adhesions of cells.

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