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Instead, American dogs form a monophyletic lineage that likely originated in Siberia and dispersed into the Americas alongside people. After the arrival of Europeans, native American dogs almost completely disappeared, leaving a minimal genetic legacy in modern dog populations. The closest detectable extant lineage to precontact American dogs is the canine transmissible venereal tumor, a contagious cancer clone derived from an individual dog that lived up to 8000 years ago.

In order to determine whether FeOB produced oxyhydroxides are bioavailable to phytoplankton, Thalassiosira weissflogii and Thalassiosira pseudonana diatoms were cultured axenically with oxyhrdroxides as the sole source of iron. Growth rates and cell yields were determined with a combination of in vivo fluorometry and manual cell counts with a hemocytometer. Four different types of FeOB oxyhydroxides stimulated T.

(Corinne Chin and Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)The award Canon is in the running for this year is just as prestigious; the judges evaluate the entire operation from its business model to its drink program, assessing the quality and creativity of the cocktails and the menus.The winner will be announced at the festival’s Spirited Awards dinner on July 23.The bar that’s always open will finally close: Tini Bigs, the martini bar in Lower Queen Anne, will shut down in the fall to make way for a seven story mixed use residential retail complex. But before it goes, there’s one milestone owner Keith Robbins wants to reach, if the developers will let him.Tini Bigs is the Cal Ripken Jr. Of bars, open every day for business since it debuted on Dec.

Think about it: Shading your eyeballs from the sun is kind of a no brainer, but chances are that while you’re carefully curating your next day outfit, the last thing you’re thinking about is what kind of fashion statement you’re making with your sunglasses. Well, it’s time to reprioritize your style goals. Sunnies, after all, are your “most important commuter accessory,” according to E! Style Collective style expert Lindsay Albanese..

It is likely that someone would have killed Claudius too, if he had not been generally regarded as a fool who was only interested in writing history books.Claudius was luckier than most of his relatives because he managed to live past the age of 30. However, he was living in pretty desperate circumstances while in early middle age. Required to survive on the petty allowance his family allocated him and whatever gifts he might get from his uncle Tiberius, he lived with a former prostitute (having not done well with his previous two wives) in an unassuming apartment in Rome.

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