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Of 5.0%), nearly twice that in the safe states. “Jonathan Simon JUMP STRAIGHT TO THE NEWGordon Campbell: On Trudeau’s Election ‘Victory’Even before the votes were counted, the prospect of a Liberals/NDP minority government was being depicted as being not only Big Energy’s worst nightmare but as grounds for the western province of Alberta seceding (Wexit!) from Canada. More>>ALSO:Binoy Kampmark Brand Trudeau Wins a Second TermGordon Campbell: On Betraying The KurdsThe Americans have now callously thrown the Kurds under the bus and created the ideal conditions for Islamic State to mount a comeback all done so that Donald Trump can brag on the 2020 campaign trail that he brought the US troops home.

The plan is to ask the mayoral candidates to explain their positions on each of the ballot measures as well as the Downtown Area Plan, the amount that UC pays to the City annually, the City’s overall financial health and the West Berkeley Project in its entirety. If time allows, questions would then be taken from the audience in attendance. BNC will make a table available for each candidate to participate in an open house from noon until 5 pm, and would hold the formal debate from 2 4 pm..

In both cases, the individual will complain of symptoms or illnesses they do not have, and may in some cases create fake physical signs by taking medication or contaminating test samples.In malingering, the individual deliberately pretends to be ill with a view to gaining something, be it medication, state benefits or evasion of a prison sentence. On the other hand, factitious disorder, aka Munchausen’s syndrome, does not involve an end goal as such, with the individual simply aiming to receive medical treatment. As with somatisation, the underlying problem in Munchausen’s is psychological pain; however, the symptoms here are self induced and the aim is to be cared for.

44 1. Brenden Agcouili, 808; 2. Etha Vinoray, 808; 3. These cracks can also be formed by modification of the layers with a local probe resulting in the contraction and physical displacement of graphene layers. The Raman spectra of regions with a large moir period reveal split and shifted G and 2D peaks confirming the presence of strain. Our work demonstrates a new approach to the growth of epitaxial graphene and a means of generating and modifying strain in graphene..

A series of single shot 1H NMR measurements are used to monitor the chemical changes that take place in solution through the lifetime of the hyperpolarized response. Non hyperpolarized high field 1H NMR control measurements were also undertaken to confirm that the observed time dependent changes relate directly to the underlying chemical evolution. The formation of [Ir(H)2(IMes)(substrate)3]Cl is further linked to the hydrogen isotope exchange reaction (HIE) which leads to the incorporation of deuterium into the ortho positions of 4 AP, where the source of deuterium is the solvent, methanol d4.

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