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Bear wrote often and attended many open mics and shared stand up comedy. His work with groups always moved toward greater recognition of the gifts of individuals and the power of equanimity and respect. His hope for everyone was for tolerance and justice for all.

Radial force control in electrical machines has been widely investigated for a variety of bearingless machines, as well as for the conventional structures featuring mechanical bearings. This paper takes advantage of the spatial distribution of the winding sets within the stator structure in a multisector permanent magnet (MSPM) machine toward achieving a controllable radial force. An alternative force control technique for MSPM machines is presented.

In contrast, German managers seldom mention shareholders. Instead they talk for example about the challenges posed by customers who leave packaging at the till. The pronounced differences in the two countries are further highlighted in how managers refer to cultural institutions and influences they perceive to be responsible for their environmental awareness and sensemaking.

L., Meo, A., Monnereau, A. M. R., Orecchioni, P., Primavera, M. The effects of strain rate and deformation temperature on the deformation behaviors of polyether ether ketone (PEEK) were studied by uniaxial tensile tests with the temperature range of 23 “150 C and strain rate of 0.01 “1 s’1. The effects of deformation temperature and strain rate on the hot tensile deformation behavior and fracture characteristics were investigated by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and discussed in detail. SEM experimental results suggest that fracture morphology is not strain rate sensitive but temperature sensitive.

As you probably know, the House passed an abortion bill Thursday and needs just one more vote from the Senate before it would hit Governor McCrory desk. You might remember during a debate last year he said he would not sign any abortion bill that further restricts abortion in the state. Here his response in an interview with one of our reporters in New Bern this morning..

Woods participated in some of its largest, most complex financing deals and acquisitions. Still, despite his active practice, he found time to give back to New York and the nation, serving on Debevoise pro bono committee and on the boards of various community organizations. To name a few accomplishments, he helped non profits navigate tax policy, assisted small businesses obtain financing so they could grow and create jobs, and secured asylum for an African dissident facing torture at home..

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