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I agree withdrawing from TPP vastly diminished the United States influence in the region. China is more than happy to step in to the space we so graciously vacated. Duterte willingness to vacillate between loving and hating the US presence is another sign that our influence is waning.

We examined the effect of completing the final interval training session during a taper at either: i) race pace; or ii) faster than race pace, on 1,500 m running performance and neuromuscular performance. Ten trained runners (age 21.7 3.0 years, height 182.9 7.0 cm, body mass 73.4 6.8 kg, personal best 1,500 m time 4:17.5 0:26.9 min) completed two conditions, consisting of 7 d of regular training and a 7 d taper, separated by three weeks of training. In one condition, the taper was prescribed using prediction models based on the practices of elite British middle distance runners, with the intensity of the final interval session being equal to 1,500 m race pace (RP).

“I honestly never think twice about the stretch marks on my butt or boobs or the cellulite that is there because I know I am working my butt off every day and living my best life,” she wrote. “Those marks don define me. They don define my progress. But if Peyton and the offense score 35 and the defense plays stouter win the superbowl. At least with this QB you got a chance. That not the fault of the defense.

Purpose ” The article explores the formation, maintenance and disintegration of a fringe Twitter community in order to understand if offline community structure applies to online communities Design/methodology/approach ” The research adopted Big Data methodological approaches in tracking user generated contents over a series of months and mapped online Twitter interactions as a multimodal, longitudinal social information landscape TM. Centrality measures were employed to gauge the importance of particular user nodes within the complete network and time series analysis were used to track ego centralities in order to see if this particular online communities were maintained by specific egos. Findings ” The case study shows that communities with distinct boundaries and memberships can form and exist within Twitter TMs limited user content and sequential policies, which unlike other social media services, do not support formal groups, demonstrating the resilience of desperate online users when their ideology overcome social media limitations.

Supercapacitors with aqueous electrolytes and nanostructured composite electrodes are attractive because of their high charging discharging speed, long cycle life, low environmental impact and wide commercial affordability. However, the energy capacity of aqueous supercapacitors is limited by the electrochemical window of water. In this paper, a recently reported engineering strategy is further developed and demonstrated to correlate the maximum charging voltage of a supercapacitor with the capacitive potential ranges and the capacitance ratio of the two electrodes.

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