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L’IDU souhaite une transparence complte de la part de la Ville sous forme de communications frquentes et bilingues sur les dlais et les tapes du projet. Les communications de la Ville devront aussi tre achemines tous les riverains, qu’ils soient commerants, entrepreneurs, propritaires, locataires, rsidents. L’IDU croit qu’il est primordial que les communications aient deux objectifs: communiquer les informations de base et attirer les gens vers la rue Sainte Catherine en communiquant le WOW! Il serait important que les communications non seulement informent les riverains, mais montrent que la Ville a mis en place une stratgie claire pour raliser les travaux et que ceux ci se termineront une date clairement prcise..

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The research is based on national survey data (N= 1000) in Croatia, the country that suffers from weaknesses in innovation and entrepreneurial capacities with great regional development disparities. This suggests it as a good example for exploring regional cultural differences.The research proved that Croatian regions are culturally heterogonous but the correlation between regional culture and regional entrepreneurship and innovation capacities was not found. Hofstede’s model appeared as having little practical value for strategic management and development and suggest that other factors, presumably more structural than cultural, that mediate poor innovation and entrepreneurship performance should be taken into account.

In this paper, the start up process is split conceptually into four entrepreneurial stages considering entrepreneurship, intending to start a new business in the next three years, nascent entrepreneurship and newly established business. We investigate the determinants of all of these stages jointly, using a multinomial logit model which allows the effects of resources and capabilities to vary across these different entrepreneurial stages. We employ a pooled Global Entrepreneurship Monitor database for the years 2006 to 2009, containing 8,269 usable observations of the East Midlands region in the United Kingdom, controlling for the local environmental effects.

This is one of the major causes of political issues in Nigeria. We have seen many politicians in Nigeria fight in government houses all because of greed. This is what we cannot see in developed countries like the United States and Canada because they understand politics..

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