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This book, the first of its kind, explores the history and memory of the Northern Ireland conflict as this has impacted upon, and generated engaged responses from, the State, culture and society in Britain. It has four main aims: to investigate the history of responses to, engagements with, and memories of the Northern Irish conflict in Britain; to explore absences and weaknesses or silences in this history; to promote a wider academic and public debate in Britain concerning the significance of this history, and the lessons to be learned from the post conflict efforts to ‘deal with the past’ in Northern Ireland; and to provoke reflection on the significance of opening up hitherto unexamined histories and memories of the Troubles, and the ways in which ongoing conflicts between competing understandings of the past might be addressed and negotiated. The chapters are organised in four thematic sections.

HIFUuses an ultrasonic transducer to convert electrical signals into sound waves, then concentrates ultrasound into a small focal region to raisethe temperature to more than 65 decrees Celsius, thereby killing cancer cells in the process without inducing damage to surrounding tissues. The technique works in the same manner as focusing sunlight through a lens, which helps eliminatethe disease causing cells.HIFU can be used as an alternative to traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.Sound waves prove to be viable cancer treatment in various studiesHigh intensity focused ultrasound therapy proved to be a highly effective cancer treatment in various studies and clinical trials.For instance, researchers at theUniversity College Hospital in London examined 625 men with prostate cancer and found that 93percent of patients who underwent HIFU alone remained cancer free at five years following the treatment, without requiring surgery or radiotherapy. Data also showed that only one to twopercent of patients who had HIFU treatment suffered long term urinary incontinence, compared with 10 to 20 percent of patients who had surgery.

To further complicate matters, there’s also another group on tour that’s calling itself the Original Wailers. That one features former Wailers guitarist Al Anderson as well as Junior Marvin, the Wailers’ replacement vocalist after Marley’s death. Junior Marvin is not to be confused with Junior Murvin, who scored a hit in Jamaica with “Police and Thieves,” which was later covered by the Clash..

“Elvis went into the army and I thought life was over,” says Bentley. “I tuned music out because it got so bad. Then, in ’62, for some reason my older brother took me to [a] black club in Houston and James Brown was playing. Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis paper introduces an algorithm for the automated diagnosis of referable maculopathy in retinal images for diabetic retinopathy screening. Referable maculopathy is a potentially sight threatening condition requiring immediate referral to an ophthalmologist from the screening service, and therefore accurate referral is extremely important. The algorithm uses a pipeline of detection and filtering of “peak points” with strong local contrast, segmentation of candidate lesions, extraction of features and classification by a multilayer perceptron.

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