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Congress enacted the Employee Retiree Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) to protect employees’ retirement and welfare benefits. The flaw in the current ERISA scheme lies at the intersection of ERISA’s preemption and remedial provisions. Courts broadly interpret the preemption provisions of ERISA to invalidate employee benefits related state laws and then force employees to depend on an inadequate, “comprehensive and reticulated” remedial scheme.

After having their rights and potential punishments explained to them, Judge Thacker asked the seven rows of migrants mostly from Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala how they wanted to plead. “Culpable,” they all answered. Judge Hacker sentenced almost all of them, row by row, to time already served and a $10 fine..

This is a sub discipline of systems engineering that emphases evaluation of relevant factors on the success of a physical system. Later in my career, and after retirement from engineering, I have applied this approach to the human system by evaluating how body height and associated weight affect physical performance, chronic disease, longevity, intelligence, and our environment. I also have looked at the fiscal costs of increased body size..

Glad to see that someone else caught the thing about her fathers (one being white and one being black). Last night episode was wonderful. I especially love Idina Menzel. Regression analyses were used to investigate the associations between individual variables and the mediating role of social networks.Results: Having richer social networks was beneficial to both mood and cognition. Participants in the MCI category had weaker social networks than participants without cognitive impairment, whereas stronger social networks were associated with a decrease in the odds of experiencing mood problems, suggesting that they may offer a protective effect against anxiety and depression. Regression analyses revealed that social networks are a significant mediator of the relationship between MCI and mood problems.Conclusions: These findings are important, as mood problems are a risk factor for progression from MCI to dementia, so interventions that increase and strengthen social networks may have beneficial effects on slowing the progression of cognitive decline..

The Croats, who make up about 90% of the population, are mainly Roman Catholic. The Serbs, who belong largely to the Orthodox Church, are the largest minority, but evictions and evacuations during the early to mid 1990s reduced their numbers. Both Croats and Serbs speak dialects of Serbo Croatian that are mutually intelligible but also recognizably Croatian and Serbian..

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