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Good to read it! 🙂 Always a pleasure,Amy Becherer7 years ago from St. Louis, MOThanks, I needed that, Mister C. I speak of the laugh out loud when I read “google says to me ‘Did Amy send you here again?” And, “hubsplendid” is metaphoricastically stupendous.

I tend to be hesitant at the “start line”, but usually, once I think about the fact that others have done it, realize it is not impossible, and then, try, I wonder why I waited so long. I’m going to use the message you and drbj sent me, Docmo, to light a fire under my feet, and approach the start line to “get ready, start, go!” I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain in trying. Thank you for caring and your vote of confidence.

She has been a tremendous asset to our association by not only offering a wealth of historical knowledge but her willingness to continue to learn and grow along with us, Parker said, in a statement. Offers valuable advice and is such a positive mentor for all county clerks. She has never shied away from tough issues and is accustomed to taking the bull by the horns.

About 40% of ground trackable space debris come from explosions, now running at four to five per year. In 1961, the first explosion tripled the amount of trackable space debris. In the past decade, most operators have started employing on board passive measures to eliminate latent sources of energy related to batteries, fuel tanks, propulsion systems and pyrotechnics.

“I think what we don’t teach people is how the world is inter connected. We teach them little pieces so it’s no surprise that people focus on their own little piece and they don’t see the connections. I think what’s missing from education is more of a systems orientation,” he told University World News..

Finally, is the illicit use of prescription stimulants associated with another variable, such as academic major, gender, athletic participation, or parents education level? We found that between 12% and 32% of Colby students use illicit stimulants for academic purposes. The data suggest that non users have higher GPAs than users of illicit stimulants, which may imply that stimulant use does not confer an academic advantage. None of the variables listed above were identified as significant risk factors for stimulant use..

The refracted ray or transmitted ray corresponding to a given incident ray represents the light that is transmitted through the surface. The angle between this ray and the normal is known as the angle of refraction, and it is given by Snell’s Law. Conservation of energy requires that the power in the incident ray must equal the sum of the power in the refracted ray, the power in the reflected ray, and any power absorbed at the surface..

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