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Williams was serving as a weapons sergeant with Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA 3336) when the incident occurred. He was initially awarded the Silver Star for his actions, but it was determined that the award will be upgraded by the president on Oct. 30, after a review of valor awards that began under former Defense Secretary Ash Carter in 2016..

Exploring Self Repair in a Coupled Spiking Astrocyte Neural NetworkLiu, J., McDaid, L., Harkin, J., Karim, S., Johnson, A. P., Millard, A. G., Hilder, J. There is also a chapter titled “America and the Oceans,” that specifically opens a dialogue with Mahan’s book, challenging and updating it for the 21stcentury.”Sea Power” gives readers the chance to imagine they are sitting in a well appointed Naval Academy lounge and listening to a seasoned old sailor discourse at length on history and pause whenever it suits him in order to pepper his lessons with challenging predictions and personal anecdotes.Writing about the edgy brinksmanship that sometimes seems to be characterizing the modern Pacific, he has surprisingly optimistic things to say, for example. “Despite the tensions and the risks in our modern Pacific Rim, the odds are better than even that the region will develop peacefully,” Stavridis writes. “None of the societies have a long tradition of imperialist behavior, and most have found ways to cooperate and collaborate in a variety of dimensions, despite the arms buildup.”Mentioning his friend commander Robb Chadwick prompts a reminiscence about the morning of 9 11, when Stavridis invited Chadwick to leave his desk at the Navy Intelligence Center and cross the complex for a visit thus saving him from death when a plane crashed “more or less directly” into his office, killing all his officemates.Stavridis strikes a perfect balancing tone between the theoretical and the personal; he’s read widely in the annals of naval history, and he’s also seen years of that history in the making.His strong conviction in “Sea Power” isn’t only that Mahan was right in crediting naval force with a key role perhaps the key role in geopolitics but also that there are many dimensions to that key role, sometimes surprising dimensions verging on the diplomatic and the humanitarian.

A burqa is similar, but also features a mesh covering over the eyes.When the law passed in June 2018, Upper House press officer Gert Riphagen estimated there were between 200 and 400 burqa or niqab wearing people in the Netherlands, out of a population of roughly 17 million.Proponents of the law, including far right Freedom Party politician Geert Wilders, say it will improve safety by making people more easily identifiable. Critics warn it could dissuade some women from entering public spaces, including schools.The law follows similar bans in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark, some of which go further than the Dutch prohibition.Denmark ban, which covers all public places, came into force on August 1 2018, sparking protests from hundreds of demonstrators. By August 3 the first woman was fined 1,000 Danish kroner (about $155) for violating the ban.France has had a ban in place since 2011, with fines of up to 150 euros ($172) for wearing the niqab or burqa in public places.In October 2018 the United Nations Human Rights Committee said the ban violates the human rights of Muslim women and risks them to their homes.

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