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Mutant p53 and ID4 delocalize MALAT1 from nuclear speckles and favor its association with chromatin. This enables aberrant recruitment of MALAT1 on VEGFA pre mRNA and modulation of VEGFA isoforms expression. Interestingly, VEGFA dependent expression signatures associate with ID4 expression specifically in basal like breast cancers carrying TP53 mutations.

VEGF165b, VEGF Ax, VEGF121a and VEGF111a were unable to bind to NRP1. There were marked differences in the kinetic binding profiles of VEGF165a TMR for NRP1 and VEGFR2. These data emphasise the importance of the kinetic aspects of ligand binding to VEGFR2 and its co receptors in the dynamics of VEGF signalling..

Diamond reinforced metal matrix composites (DMMC) have great potential for wear resistance applications due to the superior hardness of the diamond component. Cold spray as an emerging coating technique is able to fabricate coatings or bulk materials without exceeding the material melting point, thereby significantly lowering the risk of oxidation, phase transformation, and excessive thermal residual stress. In this paper, thick DMMC coatings were deposited onto aluminum alloy substrate via cold spray of three feedstock powders: copper clad diamond and pure copper, and their mixtures.

This paper presents a rigorous design and optimization of an axial flux microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) brushless dc (BLDC) micromotor with dual rotor improving both efficiency and power density with an external diameter of only around 10 mm. The stator is made of two layers of windings by MEMS technology. The rotor is developed by film permanent magnets assembled over the rotor yoke.

This, however, is not necessary because this solidity is not such as it appears to us, it being probable rather that these bodies are composed of particles merely placed close to one another and held together by some pressure from without of some other matter, and by the irregularity of their shapes. For primarily their rarity is shown by the facility with which there passes through them the matter of the vortices of the magnet, and that which causes gravity. Further, one cannot say that these bodies are of a texture similar to that of a sponge or of light bread, because the heat of the fire makes them flow and thereby changes the situation of the particles amongst themselves.

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