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Also addressing the conference were four editors of highly respected medical journals, one of whom was representing an association of journal editors. The publisher and one of the editors took the opportunity when at the podium to promote their journals, soliciting manuscripts from the audience; the others merely mentioned their journals frequently. They should decline any offers to sign off on already written manuscripts, particularly in review articles.

I have (had, as we shall see) three favorite Manhattan libraries. When it comes to the system main site at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street old building with its wide outside staircase on which readers and office workers picnic in warm weather, guarded by the life size marble lions, Patience and Fortitude the Rose Main Reading Room that synonymous with library to me. I used it since I was in high school.

They bringing drugs. They bringing crime. They rapists. This annotated view of a portion of Pluto’s Sputnik Planum (Sputnik Plain), named for Earth’s first artificial satellite, shows an array of enigmatic features. The surface appears to be divided into irregularly shaped segments that are ringed by narrow troughs, some of which contain darker materials. Features that appear to be groups of mounds and fields of small pits are also visible.

Was a little daunting because you take all the money you making at a regular nine to five job, a journalist job, and then borrowing money to go into debt to publish other people work, he said. I believed in it. I thought it was important their voices get heard.

Consumer electronics contain many potentially toxic substances, from lead and mercury to flame retardants and PCBs. The EPA estimates that e waste accounts for only 1 to 4 percent of municipal waste. But according to the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, it’s responsible for 70 percent of the heavy metals in landfills, including 40 percent of all lead.

We at the Clog love Saturn, but because it always so crowded, we get the table with the creepy severed doll heads every time. You think the law of averages would be on our side, but when it comes to Saturn, you dead wrong. Buteverything changes with the mass evacuation of the hipsters.

It is difficult to determine the depth of a wound at first glance, but any burn involving more than 15 per cent of the body surface is considered serious. Because surface area as well as depth is important in evaluating a burned patient’s status, a method called the rule of nines has been developed to determine surface area involvement. The head and each arm are figured at 9 per cent.

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