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If you think inulin may be helpful to you, ingest it in the form of a whole food; by eating chicory root, Jerusalem artichokes or other foods naturally high in this substance. All ingredients present in whole foods work harmoniously with each other. Just as refining a single ingredient in an herb and calling it often results in a deadly poison, so too does refining a single ingredient out of whole food often turns that ingredient into a toxic substance..

The elder Carcinus and his sons are mentioned, or appear on stage, as tragic performers in three plays by Aristophanes (Wasps, Clouds and Peace). They provide a unique insight into how the performance of tragedy could be (and frequently was) a family business. This study attempts to establish what can be known about this theatrical family from the evidence of comedy and how it functioned as an acting troupe.

Purpose: The advent of grocery sales through online channels necessitates that bricks and mortar retailers redefine their logistics networks if they want to compete online. Because the general understanding of such bricks and clicks logistics systems for grocery is still limited, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the internal logistics networks used to serve customers across channels by means of an exploratory study with retailers from different contexts.Design/methodology/approach: A total of twelve case companies from six European countries participated in this exploratory study. Face to face interviews with managers were the primary source for data collection.

Over the past 40 years or so, and more recently in developing countries, increasing attention has been paid to the preservation of historic settings; however, with continued development and urbanization, a solution is needed for the problem of how to adapt historic settings for contemporary life. Consideration of how to conserve historic settings while introducing new development has been the subject of theoretical study for many years, and despite many mistakes, excellent architectural projects have been completed. However, most research has focused on assessing such projects only at a qualitative and cognitive level; a deeper exploration is therefore needed.

When I arrive at Bearded Lady, tattoo artist Jeff Oelklaus is working patiently through the staggeringly intricate outline that graces Jose Mata’s forearm. Jeff’s shop opened in March after his amicable split from Pens Needles is thriving in OCC, with new clients like Mata as well as plenty of regulars. “I really cherish the people that I meet,” says Oelklaus, who adds that he’s tattooed multiple generations of the same family.

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