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(Conference proceedings : . Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.. The intention of this subreddit is to allow individual, active redditors a place to post for jobs, goods, services, housing, etc. Specific employment opportunities are allowed by individual companies or businesses (okay from new accounts as long as some sort of verification is provided), but we ask headhunters or marketing firms to post elsewhere. If you have a Philly local business or service, message mods to request flair and then we welcome your posts.

There are more of these pain clinics here in Broward County than there are McDonald’s restaurants: 115 so called pill mills, vs. About 70 of the burger franchises. And that profusion contributes to one big problem: there is no tracking system to prevent patients from getting multiple pill prescriptions at once and immediately, because the clinics hand out the pills rather than making people go to a pharmacy.

Zum wenigsten hat in verwichenen Jahren auf der Colonie von Surinam der dasige Gouverneur eine grosse Menge Coffee Bume pflantzen lassen, von denen man im Junio anno 1718 aus Amsterdam meldete, da sie nunmehro ihre Frchte mit so grossem Seegen hervor brchten, da man viele Lnder damit versehen knte, und sey der alldasige Coffee so gut, ja besser und wohlfeiler, als der so aus Arabien gebracht wrde. Und vom Haag schrieb man den 9 Novembr. 1725, da der vor einigen Jahren in Suriname gepflantzte Caffee in so grosser Menge fortwachse, da diese Colonie ehestens im Stande seyn drffte, gantz Europa mit Coffee zu versehen..

The concept of the West was always ideologically malleable and this article identifies a loop of authenticity made up of different realities (see figure 1) and interpretations of the North American nineteenth century frontier, from the original West, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West tours, the landscape of scenery such as Monument Valley National Park, through to the technological frontier depicted on the TV show Westworld. None, however, have triangulated and connected Buffalo Bill, the television series Westworld and the concept of ‘staged authenticity’. Notions of reproduction and originality are at the heart of debates about authenticity as is the search for meaningful places of origin, such as the nineteenth century frontier, which was said to be pivotal in the development of America.The paper explores concepts of frontier making, focusing on the various ways in which the West is staged and, especially, on how William Cody’s version of the frontier crucially shaped many of the representations of it which followed, including Western theme parks, crystallising in the meta reality of the series Westworld.

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