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For this reason, mammograms are not normally performed for women under the age of 40, in whom the risk of breast cancer is relatively low unless symptoms are present.But Streckfus warned that a saliva test cannot utterly replace mammograms, because the saliva test is unable to determine which breast contains the tumor.Nonetheless, cancer patient advocates have greeted the new research as promising. According to Leonard Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, the saliva test will one day be “a terrific advance.””I think advances like this test portend the day when we’ll be able to diagnose disease that would be invisible using today’s technologies,” Lichtenfeld said. “[Patients will] be able to be diagnosed and treated before they would otherwise know they have the disease.”Streckfus and colleagues are also researching whether saliva tests can be used to diagnose other cancers, including of the cervix, uterus, head, neck and ovaries.

More people waking up to realityToday, most people are sleepwalking through their lives, functioning as cogs in a giant machine of which they have no knowledge and no control. Over the next two years, that will significantly change. More and more people will be awakened into a state of awareness.

Less than 20 miles away in Moreno Valley, the Reche Fire has burned at least 350 acres and was 10% contained Thursday evening. The fire went from 100 to 200 acres in about 90 minutes, before nearly doubling two hours later. Mandatory evacuations have been issued in surrounding areas, and the cause is under investigation..

In this study, 1,741 people with CKD stage 3 were individually recruited from 32 primary care practices in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Study visits were undertaken at baseline, year 1, and year 5. Binomial logistic regression and Cox proportional hazards models were used to model progression, CKD remission, and all cause mortality.

Phillip Morris continues to deny that secondhand smoke is dangerous to human health, but if the Lancet report is to be believed, its own research contradicts that conclusion. What’s interesting about all this is not only that a leading company of Big Tobacco has been caught concealing evidence of the health risks associated with its products, but also that Philip Morris is the parent company of Kraft Foods. And Kraft Foods, of course, is the company that manufactures some of the most popular food products such as Oreo cookies and Velveeta cheese food that, like cigarettes, are manufactured with ingredients now well known to be associated with various health problems in humans..

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