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CaMs are essential for fundamental processes including the phosphorylation of protein kinases, gene transcription, calcium transport and smooth muscle contraction. In the blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni, calmodulins have been implicated in egg hatching, miracidial transformation and larval development. Previously, CaMs have been identified amongst liver fluke excretory secretory products and three CaM like proteins have been characterised biochemically from adult Fasciola hepatica, although their functions remain unknown.

(Vv. 1 44.) He who wrote of Erec and Enide, and translated into French the commands of Ovid and the Art of Love, and wrote the Shoulder Bite, 46 and about King Mark and the fair Iseut, 47 and about the metamorphosis of the Lapwing, 48 the Swallow, and the Nightingale, will tell another story now about a youth who lived in Greece and was a member of King Arthur’s line. But before I tell you aught of him, you shall hear of his father’s life, whence he came and of what family.

It was one of those elaborate booths that caused the most horrifying moment on the red carpet. The legendary Mary Tyler Moore (seen here leaving the Hollywood booth with Cloris Leachman) later slipped on the top step of the booth and fell down hard. I was about 15 feet away, saw it happen, and felt awful until near the end of the show when I saw Mary walk out on the stage, smiling, and paying tribute to her friend Betty White..

Are you following the UCP leadership race? It not hard to decide when your local paper is biased. One day last week you placed a half page article on Brian Jean, and then the next day, two full pages on Mr. Kenney (the one who couldn make it in Ottawa) Is this paper not picking sides already? How much money does he slip under the table just to keep him in the headlines..

Bill spent several successful seasons in the top 16, but his story is a sad one the gallons of lager he drank before, during and after matches were to control an hereditary nervous disorder that caused his cue arm to tremble. He made the highest break of the 1985 World Championship 143, but from the mid 1980s a steady decline in form set in, which coincided with a substantial increase in his alcohol consumption. He even made headlines by acquiring a medical certificate which approved his lager drinking, and offsetting the cost of the booze against income tax as a necessary overhead..

Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Presentation)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstract”Under the intensity of creative experimentation (the situation and challenge of artists’ practice) each work asks itself (and therefore us, too) whether there might be a ‘place’ where culture has not yet reached; it hopes to be that ‘place’ an elsewhere that is not yet a ‘place’ on culture’s terms”If Institutional interests operate such an enclosing grip on the representation of cultural production is the prospect of a ‘place for art’ simply a utopian pipe dream?Drawing on our own practices as artists and academics where we attempt to both subvert and use the rhetoric and structure of institutional knowledge production, either by creating mock Institutes and Departments or working with processes of ruination and institutional collapse, we will discuss a recent rise in the number of artists and artists’ projects which are occupying Institutional structures in order to ‘place’ ambiguous, complex, conceptual and/or contradictory forms of practice, in particular we will look at such projects as The Institute of Beasts, The Department of Wrong Answers and the Faculty of Invisibility.Our own respective practices demonstrate a knowing relationship to the impossibility of housing what Jon Thompson has described as the “mysterious ontological terrain within which all art must find itself”But if this terrain were a place, what would it look like and how do our current institutions access it without closing it down. How do we, as both artists and academics place and house complexity? Could the institute itself ,as a place of articulation, examination, deconstruction and interrogation, be ‘in ruins’?These questions become more ever more critical if we are to create new sites and places for art and education, and new institutions for new forms of practice.We will speculate on the ‘possibility of place’ re imagining itself and what a new form of institution might look or even ‘feel’ like. We will discuss the potential of ‘place’ which is dedicated to the housing of its own impossibility and cite examples of recent practices and projects related to the concept of The Institute of Ruin is an idea in the making, the suggestion of a place which is not yet a ‘place’, a place which is always destroying and re imagining itself anew..

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